Friday, August 24, 2012

Changes Again


One thing that Shyanne does not do well is change. I am not sure there is anyone that absolutely loves change. After all, people in general like to plan based on a set way things are done. When that set way changes, and plans then have to change, it tends to put a little crimp in what we have been doing. Some people adjust better to those changes than others.

Shyanne is not one who adjusts well to change. Certainly something that is understandable. Quite frankly, I am not one who adjusts all that well to change, but as an adult, I have developed ways to deal with change. I think we all do. The older we get the better coping mechanisms we have.

Well, we are about to have some big changes yet again. I am not sure exactly how big they will be and certainly more will follow, but in the next month or so, I am going to be changing jobs. We are not sure how it is going to work yet, but at the minimum, I will be spending more time commuting every day which will translate into less time at home. Less time to spend with DW and Shyanne. More time they will not have my support available.

I don't mind commuting. At least I don't think I do. We are pretty sure that moving will be out of the question. WE just moved to Cape Cod a year ago. Shyanne has adjusted well after some initial trepidation. We love our home, our neighborhood, and being residents of Cape Cod. We think it would be bad for Shyanne if we moved, and since I am only going to be working another few years or so, this is our planned retirement home as well. Life is good.

So what about the changes? Well, I will write more about that in coming blog entries, but for now, I have a lot of work to do to adjust to these changes.....more to follow.


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