Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How Are Things?


     We have been better about getting Shy to bed at a reasonable hour and that does seem to be helping.

     Obviously we have done nothing about having company, and there will be even more here next week when my BIL, SIL and niece and nephew arrive from Atlanta for a few days.

     We have also tried to keep her from constantly being the center of attention, and have found that difficult. As a child, she has to be paid attention to constantly to make sure that she isn't doing anything that could get her hurt or get her into trouble. Six year old children don't always know what is best for them and you can't leave them totally alone. She also had plenty of attention from her sisters and nephew when we went up to Maine this past weekend.

     As far as things improving. I think they have. I think that the bedtime is very important for Shyanne. She definitely needs to get her sleep. If we have to get her up in the morning, she is not very good. If she gets herself up, everything is great. We just have to get her to bed to make sure she can get herself up. After all, school will start here in 4 weeks and then she and we won't have a choice in the morning.

     One other thing that was recommended that we aren't doing is giving "tickets" for being good so that she can earn things like "play dates" and such. WE definitely have to start doing that and see if that helps as well. WE have to make sure we improve her behavior as best we can. The last thing I want is a child that is acting up in school and is a behavior problem. I can see where that could easily end up happening if we don't nip this problem in the bud now.
     So, we will continue to work towards better behavior, and keep you informed as to how it goes. What works, and what doesn't work. Hopefully we can all learn from these experiences.


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  1. Good luck! Sounds like things are going well!