Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Been 3 Months


since I wrote in this blog. I find it interesting that the last entry was talking about changes, and it is changes that are the reason I haven't been writing here. A lot of changes. Good changes. Changes I am happy to report.

First, I got a new job. Yes I know I was only in my last job for about 16 months, but this is a new job with the same organization. It is a great job, a great opportunity, and I a thoroughly enjoying it. The only real downside is the commute. I spend about 2 1/2 hours a day in the car commuting. But trust me, this is a great job, I am thoroughly enjoying it, and I don't really mind the commute.

Second, I am writing this entry from my oldest daughter Amy's house. Why are we here? Well just this past Tuesday, Amy gave birth to a beautiful 7 lb 11 oz girl. This is our second grandchild, and first granddaughter. She is absolutely gorgeous, and we are enjoying her immensely.

Shyanne, on the other hand , is not enjoying everything quite so much. She will be doing fine, but for right now is not happy about sharing her mommy and daddy. She was very upset when DW left to come up to be with Amy, and she is not happy with all the attention her new niece is getting. It is tough for a 7 year old who has no issues, but for Shy, it is especially difficult. I know she is afraid that we will want our granddaughter more than her, and she is also concerned that h mommy won't be coming home to Cape Cod.

I know we are doing a good job with her, and I know she will be fine. We will keep letting her know that we love her and when all is said and done and our life gets a little back to normal, this little episode will soon be forgotten.


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