Saturday, June 25, 2011


I leave for Cape Cod.

I start working the new job on Monday, and also have to find a new home for DW, Shy and myself. I can't begin to tell you how stressful this is/has been/will be.

Shy seems to be oblivious to the whole thing. She got upset when we started packing some toys, but when we told her we would unpack them again when we got to the Cape, she was ok. I still don't think she has a firm grasp of what is happening with the move, but in time, I am sure whe will get it, and be fine.

One thing about Shy is that she makes friends quickly, wherever we go. We weren't at the Forever Families Weekend for an hour before she had a new best friend. I have to blog about that weekend, but it will be a fairly long entry, and I just haven't had the time to get it done. It was fun though, and I will mention this one instance here while I think about it:

She found a little girl her age. She went up to her and said


and the other girl said


Shy then said:

"I'm adopted" (she knows that makes her special)

The other little girl said "Oh"

She then said: "Are you adopted?"

The little girl said "no"

Then, in her own special way, Shy said "Then what are you doing here?"

It was really quite humerous. As it turns out, the parents and grandparents of the little girl were some of the people who were facilitating at the weekend, but it was great for Shy. She met a friend, and they, along with another girl and a couple of boys spent a lot of time together. Anyway, it makes me smile to think about it, and what I need now is something to smile about.

I am going to miss this house, this place, already miss the old job, but more about that later.

Have a good night, and I will try to have a safe trip to the Cape tomorrow.


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