Friday, June 24, 2011

Ask Your Mother

is sometimes an appropriate my opinion....

We have been so busy getting things packed up and ready to go. So much work to do, but I had a chance to take a break to go to the lawyer's office today. I took Shy with me as she had asked, and she loves going places, it doesn't matter where. I may not be able to be here for the passing of papers on the house, so I had to go there to sign a limited power of attorney so DW could be the one to sign all the papers next month.

While we were on the way home my lovely little girl said to me:

"Daddy, I want a baby sister"

"Really" I said.

"Yes, and a baby brother too"

Well, I gave it a lot of thought, as I didn't quite know how to respond. For those of you who aren't familiar with our story, we have three biological children aged 33, 29, and 28. We adopted Shy from foster care and she is now age 5. With biological considerations take into account, it will be impossible for us to have any more biological children......

I gave the only answer I could think of, and one that I have used many times over the years....

"Ask you mother"

I did give DW a heads up, but by the time we got home, after a short stop at the market, apparently the urge for a baby brother or sister had gone, and she hasn't asked DW........ yet.


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