Monday, January 31, 2011

Children's Questions

As we all know, children ask many questions as they grow up. Some questions are very thoughtful like "Why is the sky blue?".

There are some that can be quite annoying . You know the questions like:

"Are we there yet?" or

"When is dinner?"

Of course children always say the darndest things as those of us who remember Art Linkletter will attest to, and as a result there are those questions that are just really funny. Of course some are only funny in retrospect because at the time they are embarassing. Of course none of them are said in a quiet voice. They are always loud enough so that anyone within 20 feet can hear, Some of those may be:

At the Thanksgiving table........."Why is Grandpas face so wrinkled?"

In line at the supermarket......... "Why does that lady have so much gunk on her face?"

At the restaurant......... "Why does this food make me think I am going to throw up?"

So anyway, as you get through the initial shock of some of the questions or try to get them to stop asking the annoying question, as a parent, you want ot be sure to provide some kind of an answer that will satisfy the curiosity of the young one who has asked it.

Having had three children who are now (fairly) well-adjusted adults, I have heard many questions, and found that in most cases I have been able to provide a meaningful answer. Yesterday however, I was stumped. I kind of stumbled my way through a made up answer that seemed to satisfy Shy, but I am wondering if anyone has a better answer.

I think the question itself shows some great thought, and she was very genuine when she asked the question. It only contained one word that might be considered unusual for a 5 year old, but you never know what they might be studying in what was the question?.....

"Do mermaids hibernate?"

I know what my lame response was, but I am curious from the people who read this blog. What would your answer be?



  1. no, they don't. Like whales and other sea mammals, they tend towards migration... Right now they are basking in the sun and shoals of the Bermuda Triangle.

    When S. sees a whale spout, she'll know that the mermaids are back in northern waters.

  2. I agree with Hedgetoad. Sea creatures don't hibernate. Aren't kids' minds amazing? Especially little kids. It's one of the things I love about teaching little ones.