Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Do Some Kids Hit and Kick?

Shyanne told me on Tuesday that she was hoping it snowed enough so that there was no school on Wedenesday. This took me by surprise because in the past she has always liked going to school. So when i asked her why she hoped there was no school and she told me she didn't like school anymore, I had to find out why.

After a few questions she finally informed me that this boy that she has had problems with in the past had been hitting and kicking her again. This little girl has had enough violence in her life, and while boys will be boys, especially at age 5, we were not going to tolerate this.

She said that the teacher had left the room to make some copies of something and she had told the teacher when she returned (good for her) and the teacher gave the boy a time out.

I praised her for telling the teacher and I wrote an email to the teacher. The teacher wrote back saying that she was unaware of this situation (apparently she didn't give him a time out, or it just didn't happen) but she did say that she had been out of the room for just a few seconds to make some copies in the next room and the kids were at their tables. Sicne this boy and Shy are at different tables she didn't think anything had happened then, but she was going to have another talk with Shy and make sure that Shy did come to her when there were issues.

The problem is.....Did Shy make up the fact that the boy hit her......OR.....did she make up the fact that she told the teacher.

We can't be sure which, so it is obviously a delicate topic. I certainly don't want to say anything further, and hopefully the teacher will not leave the kids alone for even a few seconds again in the future....but at least Shy told me.
I might add here that we do like her teacher and think she is wonderful for Shy, but if this should happen again, we may not feel that way. In any event....

She is such a wonderful little girl (I may be biased, but even unbiased people agree) and I want her to have a wonderful time at school. I hope she does for the rest of the year, or we may have to take further action. I am just not sure what.

There is a part of me that wants to tell her if he hits her again to kick him in the you-know-what, but that is not the way I want her to live her life. She could have had a life like that with her bio family, she shouldn't need it with us.

Here's hoping that this is last time I have to deal with this


  1. That's a tough situation. Not knowing what's true is the worst. It's hard to stand up for your child when you don't know what's true. We're praying for Shyanne's continued healing.

  2. Kinds have tender minds, we should handle them very gently!!