Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today (S) got to visit with her 4 brothers. We all met at a McDonalds and they played in the playplace. It is really quite a sight. Most of the time when we looked at (S) she had a grin as large as the bat outside of the Louisville Slugger factory on that face of hers. It was a such beautifully sweet thing to see.

It is always nice to see the kids....... Talking with one of her brother's (F) foster dads (J)he was telling me that (F) knows what the situation is, but doesn't quite understand what is going to happen with him. (J) found (F) going through (J)s phonebook one day and calling up (J)s friends and asking them if they would adopt him.

I can't imagine what it is like to be 7 years old and feel like you have to look around for a family. When I heard that it just broke my heart. I am so glad that at this point (S) doesn't fully understand what is happening. This whole thing gets sadder and sadder every time we turn around. Between this and the fact that the parents didn't even ask how their children were, tells me that when parental rites are finally terminated the children will be better off....... but life shouldn't have to be like this for 5 little kids who are as good as these kids are. It shoudn't be this way for any kids. I guess this is why we are doing what we are doing. I know my father told me that life wasn't always fair, but this is far too unfair for these little kids...

On a happier note.....(S) fell asleep in my arms tonight. It was really sweet to just hold her while she slept. Times like that are what keeps us doing what we are doing and will continue to.

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