Monday, April 20, 2009

Life Doesn't Always go On.

There is a story from the Miami Herald relating to the death of a 7 year old foster child. I don't want to get too into it here as it is very depressing, but here is the link:

I just have one question: Where does a 7 year old child learn this? There has to be something drastically wrong. There are certain things that shouldn't be learned at such a young age. While it is important to investigate to find out why it happened, they also need to find out how the child knew this.....or is this something you learn at that young an age? I don't think so. Does anyone?

Yes, I know I have gone for a while. Life has gotten so hectic and we are not sleeping at all. (S) will not make it through any night and it is really taking its toll on us. We are hopeful that the therapy will start providing some relief soon as it is beginnning to have quite a negative impact on us.

We will persevere!


  1. What an awful story. It just makes me so sad and angry that something like this could happen.
    Sorry to hear the sleep situation has not improved, I hope it does very soon for all your sakes!

  2. Horrible story, but it isn't uncommon for children as young as this little boy to wish themselves dead.