Monday, March 14, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Since my dad passed away there has been a lot of talk about God from Shyanne. We read her some books about death and she was very good at the funeral. She is really very good all the time, but especially at the funeral. When the time came to throw some dirt on the grave of my father she wanted to help as well, and also threw some dirt on the grave with the shovel.

That was pretty amazing, and she knew how sad I was and was very comforting for me as well before, during, and after the services. She asked a lot of questions that one would expect a five year old to ask, and since we have been back, the questions and comments had slowed down.

At least until today...

Today we took Shyanne to see her therapist. She went into the room and I was sitting in the waiting room while DW was downstairs in the parking lot awaiting the arrival of (K) who was meeting us to pick up (L), our grandson.

Two minutes after leaving Shyanne in the room the therapist came right out and asked me to bring Shyanne downstairs to DW as she had something she had to tell me. I immediately broughy her down to DW and headed back upstairs. The therapist met me before I got all the way back and told me that Shyanne had said the following to her:

"My old parents were bad and they won't go to heaven. They are going to stay in the ground, because bad people stay in the ground and don't get to go to be with God."

This was said without provocation. There had been nothing said about my father or the funeral, or anything else. It was just the first thing that Shy blurted out when the door was closed. It is amazing. She also told her that my father was a good person and he had gone to be with God.

Out of the mouths of babes!


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