Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Missing my Girls

I miss DW and (S). They came down last Thursday and stayed until Monday and will be back again on Friday until Tuesday, but I still miss them. Last weekend they were each sick a day so we didn't exactly have a great time other than the horses and Chuck E's.

This weekend we are planning a trip to Glow Bowling, and of course I will be taking my two girls out for dinner on Sunday for Valentine's Day. Mostly, I just enjoy spending time with them. It really doesn't matter what we do.

While some people have recommended that we delay the Disney trip another year, we have decided a different course of action. We are going to do our best to prepare (S) for the trip. Tell her everything we can. Show her pictures from a past trip there and try our best to assure her that this is fun and nothing to be afraid of.

So I plan on talking about and doing more planning for our trip. Exactly when, where and how. We are also going to visit Nanny, Papa, and Grandpa who all live in Florida. We don't get to see them much, so any opportunity is a good one. We also have another trip to talk about, but I haven't said anything to DW yet. This blog entry will kind of be a test to see how often she checks the blog and calls to find out about this other trip. I am not sure we can do it, but I am not even going to try if she isn't interested.

Of course, I am still planning our regular February trip that we have missed the last two years for February 2011. That will be a trip that we certainly hope will be with (S) as our adopted daughter, not our foster daughter. A trip we won't need to get approval for from anyone else.

Anyway, it will be nice to see them both this weekend. We will have lots of fun together, and I hope no one gets sick. Can't wait to see you both sweetie!


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  1. Stay away from Disney during spring break. You can tell by the extended hours on the website, check the hours of operation. Later hours than normal stay away! We made that mistake and it was miserable. We only rode 5 rides the entire day, line waits were 2 hours!! We have been to Disney countless times, and spring break was the worse.