Sunday, February 7, 2010

Horses and Costumes

I think we have a problem.

We have been planning a trip to Disney in april. Yesterday we did two things that are causing us to rethink this trip.

We went to the Budweiser brewery where you can have your picture taken with one of the worlds famous clydesdale horses. When we got close to the horse, (S) wanted nothing to do with it. I had to pick her up and then hold on tight or she would have crawled out of my arms. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the animal. Granted, theya re very large horses, but they are also very gentle.

Later on yesterday we went to Chuck E Cheese's to have pizza and play games and go on some of the little kids rides there. (S) had a blast......except when she saw Chuck E Cheese. It was just a guy in a costume (or maybe a gal) but she didn't want to go anywhere near him. When I tried to get her to go to the other end of the games, she refused to go. Somehow she felt that Chuck E was scary and he went after little children and took them away. I have no idea where she got this idea from. No matter how hard we tried, she refused to believe that Chuck E would not do her any harm. So now what do we do?

She is 4 1/2 years old. Do we forget our trip to Disney, or keep working on her and hope she gets over this fear......This past Christmas she screamed bloody murder when she saw someone dressed up as the Grinch. I don't know where this comes from, but it is real to (S) and that is all that matters I guess.

Any ideas?


  1. Clydesdales are huge, Chuck E. IS a scary rat and the Grinch.. welp, I fear him, too. That being said you may want to postpone Disney for a year (it would be awful to spend all that $ and petrify her, right?). Maybe take baby steps and go to things like Disney on Ice for now.

    Just a humble, little o.

  2. I don't think that reaction is uncommon for someone that age. I haven't been to Disney, though, so can't respond to that -- how easy is it to avoid the characters and do the other things?

  3. The characters don't stalk you at Disney, usually they have to run away from the kids! It's a huge deal to see the characters and Disney exploits it. You could wait forever to see a princess!! Micky is only at certain places at certain times--you have to figure it out. Other characters roam around but you can get away easily. We have been tons of times :) btw, my youngest never liked costumed characters either.