Monday, August 24, 2009

Today's Meeting

Today was a family team meeting to talk about the kids. Bio-Dad was there. Bio-dad is still unable to control himself. He is back to accusing the state of kidnapping his children and it got to the point where they had to call the police to get him out of the building.

Mom on the other hand insists she is getting a divorce and that her lawyer has the papers and is gong to file them for her......She has been saying they are not going to be together since last March and yet the papers still haven't been filed.

Bio-dad says that his mother is coming up here and wants custody of the kids. Bio-mom says she doesn't like bio-mother and she isn't coming up here. She also said she will have nothing to do with bio-dads mother. Of course when she was on the stand she said that bio-dads mother was a part of her support group to help take care of the kids.

Everytime either one of them open their mouth they say something contrary to what they have said previously. Now they wonder why no one believes that they will do anything they say they will........It looks like there will be a court date in a couple of weeks that will just be to set a hearing date which is looking like November for the TPR. In the meatnime, two of the older kids are going to have a visit with mom. When (S) may have a visit with mom is a long way off. It will be up to her counselor who is going to meet mom next week to get some information from her. Like the title to this blog says....Life goes on and on and changes......kiddos up in the air.....all going through difficult times because of their bio-parents.

I just hope that whatever happens (S) comes out of this ok. She is such a cutie and deserves to have a wonderul life whoever that is with.


  1. Do you fo to the meetings or is this jut relayed back to you??? Does sound like a huge mess! I really pray that S is shilded from all this...

  2. Yes, DW and I go to the meetings along with the other children's foster parents. (S) has no clue the meetings even occur. I dread thinking about what things would be like if she knew about these meetings.