Thursday, August 13, 2009

Its All Mumbo Jumbo To Me

I was in the process of writing an entry about my family values but that will have to wait. Right now I am trying to figure out the demise of our justice system. Apparently some judges can be so arrogant that they refuse to admit they are wrong. They continue to make their determinations based on flaed thinking and won't let anyone tell them otherwise.

You have probably figured out I am talking again about one moronic magistrate in particular. Today he denied BOTH motions the state had made. I don't know why he thinks he knows so much more than all the professionals, but apparently he does. He also apparently has no regard what so ever for what is in the best interests of the children. That is the saddest part of all. So now the saga will go one for a few more months adn the children will remain in legal limbo until all is decided.

We have one possibble saving grace.....Our moronic Magistrate is retiring in two weeks. Going out to pasture with all the other cows where he belongs.......That means when the state files again for a TPR it will be heard by a different judge. I can only hope that judge pays a little bit of attention to the professionals.

I know I am not an expert in either of these subjects. I know little or nothing about theories of child development and psychotherapy etc, and I know even less about the law. I also know that the judge knows nothing about therapy. That is why they have experts come in to testify. So why does he not listen to the experts?

When I needed my appendix removed, I went to a surgeon, not a dentist. When I need a haircut, I go to the barber, not the hardware store. When I go to the surgeon or the hardware store, I go there because they can give me the information I need. Since I am paying them, I value their knowledge and information. It would seem the judge should do the same thing. He didn't......he is a moron....but I have said that enough.

So now, we wait some more and hope that the next judge will use some common sense. In the meantime, we will continue to care for (S) and hope that whatever happens, she will come out on the other end ok. She is such a great kid, I hope the judicial system doesn't screw it up. But I have to tell you that what the lawyers said in court, and what the judge said in his decision is all just legal mumbo jumbo as far as I am concerned. I am glad that there are a few of us anyway looking out for the best interests of the children. I pray that in the end, everyone does that.


  1. Oh my goodness. I feel your frustration. I don't understand why everything revolves around the adults best interest. Is such a vicious circle.

  2. Thank goodness he is retiring!!!!!

  3. I hear you, cloudmaster. There is simply NOTHING more frustrating. Some people just look at the fact that the same blood flows through the childs veins, as the bio fam. Clearly that does NOT make it the best place. Almost sets the child up for failure. And not a damn thing we can do.