Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too Much Time Away From Home

I have been away from home every week since December. It really stinks. I do get to spend time almost all weekends with (S) and DW, and they are nice. (S) hasn't talked to me much on the phone at all. She would take the phone from DW and say "love you, bye" and she's gone before I could say a word. The best thing about the time I spend with (S) now, is that it is all quality time. We have such a good time together.

The last two nights she has actually talked to me and that is so much better. I really do miss her a lot and I fell much more connected when she talks to me and tells me what is going on. I was going to be going back home on April 10, but now I have been extended on this duty until May 8. It may be extended again until June 5th, but I don't know yet.

Of course we will be on vacation next month to Florida. My mother (Nanny) can't wait to show (S) off to all of her friends. Nanny and Papa (my father) live in a retirement community. It is a nice community and everyone that lives there is over 55. (my god! I will be over 55 next month~!!!....but I can't live in a retirement community because we have (S) and that is far better than a retirement community.) But I digress, they have a nice pool there where all the ladies hang out on the nice days. I think the very first chance Nanny has she will be dragging (S) down to the pool.

(S) also wants to spend time at the beach. She asked me if we could build sand castles. I said it would be a little difficult to bring a pail and shovel with us. When I told Nanny about this, she immediately responded with: "If she wants a pail and shovel we will get her one!"

As you can see, (S) is definitely a part of our family. No one in the family considers her as a "foster" sister, cousin, daughter, or granddaughter. I just can't wait until the state recognizes us that way. That will be a very wonderful day and it can't come soon enough for me or DW. Not having a clue as to when it MAY come is even more difficult. It has been almost 3 months since the court has had this case to render a decision so that we can move on with adoption. I am frustrated and anxious but I told myself I wouldn't get angry until the end of April if we hadn't heard anything.

Of course it won't do any good...but I can try, can't I?



  1. I cannot WAIT to read about your trip to FL! You'll be the only one at Disney World taking pics of your kid from the back (so you can share them with us). People think I'm nuts when we're out and about.. I'm okay with that.. LOL!

    Thank you for trying to watch the show again! I don't think it's your laptop (and we're working on figuring it out!). :)

    Frustration/anxiousness.. sigh.. Try enjoy EVERY moment and breathe (we just got word J/B has kin that has stepped up--they sound stellar so that, at least, is good. She deserves nothing but the best).

  2. Hey, I just got to your blog through another blog that I read. It's nice to hear from a foster DAD! You don't see blogs from foster fathers very often! I'm also a foster parent. We blog at - look forward to reading about things from your point of view!

  3. I understand what you mean about knowing S is yours. Legally. It will just be a big sigh of relief when it is final.